Adrian Webster - Former police officer, now hunting night creatures for a living (although he will probably just claim to be a “private detective”), Adrian is currently investigating on the activities of the same cult that ruined his life ten years ago.  Also, babysitting Aaron.
Aaron Lee Challis - Singer, guitarist and songwriter of Wicked Hearts, but also producer, tour manager and stylist/make up artist for his band mates, Aaron had just the life he’d always dreamed about. Until the day his band abandoned him on the highway with an angry creature chasing after him, that is.
Tyresias - She didn’t want to go, but her wounds were too deep and she could feel life already slipping away from her. She heard him whispering a prayer to the moon. And for a moment, for a single moment, she wished that the moon would listen. But you know how the saying goes: be careful what you wish for...
Tyler - If only he'd taken deeper care of her, it would have never happened. Yet there she was, her lifeless eyes staring at him, her blood on his hands. He would have given his body and soul to have her back. He whispered a prayer to the moon. The moon answered. His body and soul... are also hers, now.
Aaliyah Jenkins - Police officer and one of Adrian’s best friends, Aaliyah Jenkins is also investigating on the cult’s activities. While she may not practice magic, she seems to know more about the supernatural than she likes to admit. Patient and down-to-earth, she’s probably one of the few persons in town who can deal with Adrian and his… “charming” character.